Experts in grains and logistics founded OBA COMMODITIES, which became a unique player in the field of commodities like Wheat, Semolina, Faba beans, Brown-eyed beans, Lentils, Lupins, Corn and its products. OBA COMMODITIES has leaders in supply chain, logistics, and goods inspection services that make us unique in the business sector.

About us

Guided by our purpose, we aim to build a climate of effectiveness and efficiency for working in cooperation, fairness, and safety for us and for all stakeholders.


Our future vision is built on our experts' knowledge and experience in the commodities business and supply chain sectors, which leads us to achieve our goal of contributing to the global effort to provide products to a large sector of consumers.
Today, we are evolving from our traditional role as grain commodities to mastering more products (Nuts, Starch, and Glucose) as well as supply chain and goods inspection services.
Through greater vertical integration within our business lines, we aim to secure a seamless, traceable, and responsible supply chain from farmers to customers.

Business lines

Our business chain is constantly active and efficient in all its stages, starting from selecting agricultural grains, nuts, semolina, starch, glucose, etc. through shipping, supported by highly efficient and safe transportation operations according to global market standards.

Our Products

As we embrace more of the agricultural value chain, we are transforming grains and products to meet the needs of customers and consumers around the world.

Faba Beans





Brown-eyed beans




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Head office
9 El Ekbal St., Louran, Alexandria, Egypt
Cairo office
Villa 171, El Banafseg 10, First Settlement, Cairo, Egypt